Commander’s Message

Greetings Sir Knights,

Happy New Year to everyone. With the New Year comes the time for new plans, new hopes and new expectations. How do we keep our Fraternity and especially our Commandery moving forward? I believe we need to be active, stay involved, spread the word and our love for our fraternity to everyone we know.

Obviously new members and new ideas are a must. We are fortunate to have 3 new candidates in line for the Orders in early spring, so we will be starting plans and rehearsals in the near future. Please keep this in mind and think about how each of us can help the Commandery perform our work in the best possible way. We will be discussing a possible trip to Washington D. C. for the Easter sunrise service on April 1. Milford Commandery hasn`t had any involvement the last couple of years. I, for one was hoping to go this year and would love to be able to have a group go down together. properly.

We have a Ladies night planned for Feb. 24th with Chapter and Council at Restaurant 45. Please plan to join us with your lady for a great night out! Last year was a huge success, and we hope to make this year even better.

Since the Pass and Review was eliminated from our inspection and ladies were not invited, I plan to have a night to receive our Inspecting Officer and the Grand Commander, perform the Pass and Review and sword manual, invite our ladies and families, so they can witness some of the things we do in our Commandery. So you see Sir Knights we have a busy year ahead of us. I hope everyone will support these efforts as our Commandery depends on every one of us doing our part to keep us moving forward.

Remember if anyone needs a ride to the Lodge please don`t be shy. I or someone else will be more than happy to pick you up and give you a ride home.

I wish everyone a Healthy and Prosperous New Year!

Yours in Christ,

S.K. Richard Bernheart KYCH KTCH KCT
Eminent Commander


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