Commander’s Message Greetings Sir Knights;

Last month the Orders began. The Order of the Red Cross was conferred on Six worthy candidates, five of our own and one from Jerusalem Commandery. Special mention should be made that S.K. Vincent Faraci conducted the work with his usual distinctive flare. Now that we have laid the foundation for Knighthood, grounded in the principle of Truth, we begin to build on that foundation with the Christian values of Faith, Hope and Charity, as represented in the Order of Malta.

Judging by the number of Sir Knights that turned out for the Order of the Red Cross, it is easy to imagine a full house for the Order of Malta and rightfully so. Any man who wishes to wear the mantle of Christian Knighthood must first openly re-affirm his Faith in Our Savior Jesus Christ and witness the historical lessons and the Legacy upon which the Order was founded. Guided and Instructed by the many Sir Knights who themselves have vowed to live their lives according to Chivalric principles demonstrates to the candidate that the lofty ideals of Knighthood are attainable and further serves that part of our mantra, to be “ a guiding light to others by our exemplary conduct.

Remember the impression we make on the candidate can be lifelong and memorable or short-lived and forgotten, the difference lies in each of us and of our own individual commitment to excellence.

Special mention should be made about the Commandery Church Service on April 6th,2014. Which will be held at The Village Congregational Church, located at 25 Church Street Whitinsville Ma 01588. We will assemble at 9:30AM sharp at the Church, in full Black uniform with Chapeau and Gloves. [no sword] We will enter in full procession at 9:45 AM…Service Begins at 10:00AM and should conclude at 11:00AM. I expect a large turnout of Milford No 11 and their families and encourage all Sir Knights to attend. Please contact S.K. George Sarafinas or S.K. Mark Rossi with any questions.

To all other Sir Knights privy to this correspondence, you are welcome to support the Orders with your presence as we proceed and I encourage you to do so.

With fond Fraternal greetings,

S.K. Mark A. Rossi


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